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‘Family Help’ was established in 1976 to support women, and women with children who are suffering domestic violence, or threat of violence, from their husbands or partners.

Family Help are associated members of National Women's Aid.

Domestic violence includes physical, emotional and sexual abuse.

Domestic violence can affect anyone regardless of age, family background, level of education, social status, ethnicity or class.

If you live in fear, feel threatened in your own home, need another woman to talk to who will listen and understand in a non-judgmental way we can help.


We offer a confidential service and can provide safe temporary refuge accommodation.

The Refuge Workers offer emotional and practical support.

You can talk to someone in confidence about how you feel. We will listen and can inform women of options available.

‘Family Help’ recognize children’s needs. Whatever the circumstances the majority of children suffer if there is violence in the home. They may be physically, emotionally or sexually abused. Most hear the abuse and often witness their mother being abused. They can also be used as part of the abuse. Refuge facilities, activities and support provided by the Children/Young People’s Workers responds to such needs.


This service is designed to equip women who are facing the future as single people with practical skills as diverse as computing to DIY.

It is also an opportunity to meet others in the same situation.


Home page - Celebrating 40 years of saving lives

Scared to leave? Scared to stay?   "The wonder of it is not that women find it hard to leave the scene of the violence but that so many find the courage to do so" Victim support report, 1992 Women often want the violence to end not the...

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About us

About us Family Help Darlington CIO was formed and registered as a charity on 13 February 2013 (registered charity number 1150798) and took over all work from Family Help from 31st March 2013 (registered charity number 506051). Family Help, the...

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